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Friday, January 13, 2017

There are so many makeup brush brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which are good quality and worth getting. They can vary in price from just a few dollars to even hundreds per brush. I've acquired a collection of a few different brands that I trust including Zoeva, Sigma, Real Techniques and Elf. These are my favourite brushes that I tend to use everyday, that all have their own purpose. I keep all my brushes on my vanity for easy access and so I can see all the ones I have. I find it much easier to separate them into eye and face brushes as the smaller ones can tend to get lost between the larger brushes. I got these holders from IKEA and they are the perfect size and look really cute.

Buying sets is a good way to build your collection and get the most necessary brushes to start with. It is also great value because the total will be less than if you were to purchase each brush separately. Some of my favourite and most used brushes are by Zoeva. They have lots of different sets to choose from. I went for an eye set and a base set that included a few extra eye brushes. These beautiful brushes also come with these super handy bags that I use all the time. (Also shown: Mimco Wallet, Typo Scissors, Bath & Body Works candle lid)

The Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Brush Set contains 12 essential brushes to create any eye look. It has a few different fluffy blending brushes, some flat shaders, smaller brushes for precision and even one for eyeliner or eyebrows. This has everything you will need and looks really pretty with its' gorgeous rose gold and nude theme, as well as the small faux leather pouch. These brushes are all really soft and haven't shed at all for me and I've had them for 2 years so far. Every time I have washed them, they have perfectly stayed in shape. I love the different types of blending brushes, there are fluffier ones that I would use for all over transition shades and thinner ones for placing shadows more directly into the crease. I love the smaller brushes for applying inner corner and brow bone highlight. 

I knew I wanted this set as soon as I saw it because it is just so beautiful and luxurious looking with its all rose gold handles. These are by far the prettiest brushes I own and they feel a little more special to use. This is the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 3 Luxury Brush Set. As I had only eye brushes from this brand and was extremely impressed by them, I wanted to try out some face brushes. They live up to the high expectations I had with their extremely soft bristles and high quality handles. The first brush on the left, the 103 Defined Buffer, is a great foundation brush with the perfect amount of density, that applies the right amount of product, but also allows buffing and blending for a flawless base. 

The second is a fan brush that I use everyday for highlight. Tapping the tip of the brush into product and applying to the cheekbones and other places applies the highlight at most intensity where you want it and softly blends out the edges due to it's shape. The contour brush, provides are sharp, precise hollow to the cheeks and has enough fluffiness to the brush to blend the edges as well. I love the next brush to set under my eyes as I prefer to use a smaller, more precise brush than a face powder brush for this area. The eye brushes are similar to those in the eye set above, the first 142 Concealer Buffer reoccurring, however the others are all new additions. The blending brush and angled brush are slimmer than the previous and the flat shader isn't as fluffy, which is great for more precise application and with foiled shadows to really pack on and get the most intense metallic pigment.

These are my essential singly purchased brushes. I like to have multiple brushes that have the same purpose so I don't have to always wash the same one and there is always a clean one spare. On each end is a powder brush, The Elf Complexion Brush is under $10 and is extremely soft and high quality. The shape of it is slightly thinner and tapered, its not round all over which I like because I prefer to press the powder onto the skin, rather than use circular motions all over the face. The Real Techniques Multi Task Brush I also use for powder, and even though it is more expensive, it isn't quite as soft, I've previously used it for blush but found it was a little too big. My favourite for blush is the Elf Blush Brush, it's perfectly sized for the cheeks and blends blush so beautifully. The F05 Small Contour Brush is what I use for bronzer everyday. It fits into the hollows of the cheeks so well and has enough density as well as fluffiness to it to achieve a sculpted, yet seamless look. 

For a long time, the Sigma kabuki brushes were all I used for foundation. I love the F84 Angled Kabuki because it's easy to paint on the foundation and buff into the skin. The angled shape allows for easy blending. The F82 Round Kabuki is what I use for foundations that I feel don't quite have my desired coverage. This brush is so dense that it doesn't move around the product and sheer it out so much. I couldn't live without my Real Techniques Setting brushes (dramatic, I know). I own three of these and am always using them. I use them to blend out my concealer because they are the perfect size to fit effortlessly under the eyes. Sometimes I will use it to set that area with powder too. This is also the brush I constantly keep in my handbag. It is the perfect size to carry around if you ever need to apply powder or even concealer throughout the day. The last brush, the purple Real Techniques Essential Crease brush, I find unless you really need the precision for something such as a cut crease, is way too small for the crease area. This is my favourite brush to contour the nose. It's dense enough to create definition and structure and doesn't completely blend away the product when softening the edges. (Also shown: Lorac Pro Palette, Kylie Lipkits in Candy K, Koko K & Posie K, Nars Multiple Stick, Mac Lipstick & Mecca Cosmetica Lip Balm)

Thank you for reading, I'd love to know your favourite makeup brush brands or if there's any you think I should try out :)

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