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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?! The glamorous gold and sparkling packaging of the new MAC Mariah Carey collection is just too dreamy too resist. At least for me, the second I saw it online, I was counting down the days until the release. I had to get just a few things. Tempted also by the stunning eyeshadow quads and the coral blush, I decided to limit myself to just a lipstick and lip liner, which I am happy with both. I must say though, I was definitely swayed mostly by the pretty packaging, but I will no doubt, be getting wear out of them, fearing the day the limited edition products come to an end.

Lipstick: Mcizzle
Lip Pencil: New Ombre

The gorgeous lipstick, with Mariah's signature and the butterfly stamped into the lipstick itself makes applying it feel extra special. Normally, I prefer other formulas over cremesheens, my favourite would be satins for their staying power and the fact that they have just the right amount of moisture to keep the lips hydrated, but with minimal transferring and fading. Cremesheens don't tend to last as well and are less opaque, but with a lipliner all over underneath, you can achieve a stronger colour and if the lipstick wears off, the lipliner still remains to give enough colour. Mcizzle is described as a cool peach. I think it is a beautiful soft nude, with a nice gloss to it. This would definitely be my favourite shade of all the lipsticks in the collection.

The pro longwear lip pencil is also described as a cool peach. In fear of these selling out so quickly, I rushed to buy them online without seeing them in person. I thought the pair would go well together as they have the same shade description, although they are definitely different in colour, the pencil is darker than the lipstick, perfect for defining the lips and as a base colour. As the formula suggests, this lip pencil is really long wearing and after swatching it below, it was actually quite difficult to remove, I couldn't wipe it off with a tissue like I did with the lipstick, I needed to use a makeup remover. This is a good thing of course, you want it to stay on without needing regular, if any touch ups.

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