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Sunday, January 08, 2017

I decided to do a more personal post so you can get to know me a little bit.
I hope you enjoy and don't find me too weird 😋

  1. I have an extreme obsession with the tv show Friends. I got the dvd box set for Christmas a few years ago and I've watched every episode at least 10 times. I can quote any part of it. My favourite characters are Chandler and Rachel
  2. You know how some people crack their knuckles? I crack everything. My wrists, neck, back, ankles, anything I can and I don't care if people look at me disgusted, I'll do it
  3. I'm the fussiest eater ever and I hate it. I don't like any vegetables besides potato, I will eat lettuce and carrot, but only on specific Subways, the only fruit I eat are apples, bananas and avocado. I don't like any type of sauce, I don't even like soft drinks or coffee
  4. I'm such a perfectionist, I hate if things aren't straight or in line. Mess makes me stressed, I don't like having things out of place or large piles of things thrown together. Having my room clean and bed made makes me happy
  5. I always play music in the shower, it just makes it more fun and it's a good way to measure the time you've been in there for 

  1. When I was 18, I had blonde hair and decided to make it pink ombre, nervously walking into work the next day after not checking with my boss first, she gave me this 'how dare you' look and a 'that looks nice', to which I responded, 'you don't mind, do you?' like it wasn't already done. Oops
  2. I love salt and put an excessive amount on fries, it just tastes so good
  3. My favourite movie ever is Click, I love Adam Sandler
  4. I have traveled all around the world on 5 cruise ships. I've been around Australia and New Zealand, as well as to Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Phuket, India, Barcelona, Morocco, Egypt, Malta, Monaco, Nice, Rome and Paris
  5. My favourites songs ever are A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton and Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
  6. A lot of people assume my hair is naturally straight because you'll never see me with it natural, as I straighten it pretty much everyday. It's naturally quite frizzy and wavy
  7. My cat is my baby, I've always loved cats and for my tenth birthday, I got to choose one to adopt. It was probably the best day of my life. His name is Coco

  8. I'm such a crier, but I will only let very few people see me cry
  9. I have a really good memory, especially with unnecessary things that just aren't important but they're still stored in my brain, like if someone said something to me, I'll remember the exact words, the day, where we were, probably what I was wearing. I constantly get that 'how do you remember that?!' I usually try not to let it show
  10. I'm secretly really proud of my handwriting
  11. I have trust issues with hairdressers and refuse to get haircuts for years at a time in fear of the 'trim' turning into something much more dramatic without my permission. I just want long hair :(
  12. I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE. Please don't call me, it stresses me, I'll sweat and shake and not know what to say. My worst nightmare is having to make a phone call, I'll practice it in my head for ages and take forever to get up the courage. It's pathetic
  13. When I like a song, I'm that person that has it on repeat for hours, if not days or weeks
  14. My favourite clothing store is Forever New, its exactly my style
  15. Salt and vinegar & sour cream and onion chips are my favourite
  16. My whole family on both parents sides, all live in New Zealand. It's just my Mum, Dad, brother and me that live in Australia
  17. My One Direction obsession was next level. I had like 100 posters all over my room. I still love Harry Styles so much
  18. I have the worst vom phobia, I can't even say the world properly without feeling anxious. Just ew
  19. For my 16th birthday, my Mum bought me this beautiful silver key necklace and I wear it every day

  20. My best friend and I have regular car duets involving embarrassing songs from High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Shrek, Mamma Mia, Lizzie McGuire movie and I'm sure many more
  21. I wish I could read minds, I think it would be so interesting
  22. Just thinking about the movie Titanic, makes me want to cry. It also makes me so mad because there was room for Jack if Rose just MOVED OVER
  23. I live in pyjamas, if I'm home, there's no way I'm wearing clothes. I live for cute pj shorts
  24. I passed my driving test last year on the first go and I have a Suzuki Swift
  25. When I was 15, I pierced my own ears (The Parent Trap movie might not have been such a good influence on me) but it turned out fine and they're still pierced
  26. My Dad wanted to name me Courtney, my Mum wanted Shannon, somehow they compromised on Carly
  27. I have a non irrational fear of birds because I was swooped by a magpie on my way home from school when I was younger, it was traumatic, it's beak made my skull bleed and I ran away screaming while calling my Dad to come pick me up. Spring scares me for this reason
  28. I was a hardcore gamer with my Club Penguin addiction
  29. The hashtag #growingupshy relates to my life on an insanely personal level
  30. My favourite colours are pink, white and lime green. I'm also obsessed with anything copper
  31. I am the nap queen, almost every day I will fall asleep around the afternoon, even if I haven't done anything that day. However falling asleep at night has always taken me hours

  32. The word 'hamstring' *cringe* is the most disgusting word to me, please don't say it around me
  33. I feel noise sensitive (scientific term Misophonia) to certain things and they really irritate me. Things such as vacuuming, people sneezing loud, chewing food, closing cupboards, squeaky doors, I just hate it
  34. Chicken nuggets is like my family. Especially from McDonalds, how good are they?!
  35. I have a scar above my left eye from fainting and hitting it on the bathroom bench due to having low blood pressure and getting up way too quickly (not the first time its happened either)
  36. I always have dreams that I remember. They're either something so boring and basic that sometimes I'll think was actually real, or they'll just be really weird
  37. My wardrobe is colour coded and consists of pretty much only white, black, neutrals, pink and a tiny bit of red. It's super satisfying to look at and I love it being organised
  38. If I'm not constantly sipping on water throughout the day, I will definitely get a headache, it took me ages to figure out why I was getting them everyday
  39. I literally cannot burp, I just don't know how to do it and it never happens naturally
  40. The feeling of cardboard is so gross to me, I can't stand it
  41. I really want a miniature dachshund puppy, they are so cute! I spend too much time looking at them on Pinterest and it makes me sad
  42. I am obsessed with candles, I love having them lit and the scent filling my room, they make me happy
  43. I love reading, lately I've been into murder, thriller type books like these

  44. I hate the smell of petrol
  45. I love dipping fries into chocolate sundaes, I also love seeing peoples' horrified reactions to it
I'd love to know if we have any of these in common or to read a random fact about you, so leave it down below in the comments section 😋

Thanks for reading!

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