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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I love adding cute little decor items to my room to liven it up and to make it feel more me. Simple additions can make it feel more homey and personal. You can easily decorate a space that expresses your unique style and personality. These are a few things found in my room. 
Vase: Kmart

Since my room consists of a lot of white - white walls and white furniture, I like to brighten it up by adding some pops of colour with flowers and plants. You can get these at a lot of different cheap shops and homeware stores. Fake ones look just as good and are much fresher for longer so I placed a few of these around my room on shelves and windowsills. The canvas adds some personalisation because I bought three of these with the letters of my initials. 
Canvas: Typo
Plant & Pot: IKEA

This cosy blanket that I often use as a throw adds something extra to the simple quilt cover. The softness of it, as well as the warm dusty pink colour gives such a cosy feel to the bed.
Blanket: Kmart
Quilt Cover: Pillow Talk

These gorgeous prints are perfect for any beauty lover's room. They add such a girly aspect. I have these hung up in mirrored frames above my makeup vanity and I think they go so well. 

I have no shame that I purchased this from the kid's section because it was just too cute not to get. I love the sweet little design on it and how it looks on my bed. It's easy to change up the look, by adding a few decorative cushions or some texture with this cute fluffy rug.
Cushion & Rug: Kmart

I love being able to display things like decor items, perfumes, makeup packaging that's too pretty to throw out and just little knick knack things that I have in an organised way that flows well together. It can also be a more interesting way to store things like nail polish or other beauty products instead of hiding them away in drawers. I have these cube shelves that have 8 storage compartments to fill. It's just nice to have a collection of things to look at.
Storage unit, pineapple, gold terrarium: Kmart
Snoopy mug: Typo
Homemade Cookies & Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candles: Bath & Body Works

You can probably tell by now that pink is a reoccurring theme. I love this delicate chandelier that adds such a cute element of elegance with its' soft pink glass detailing. It goes so well with the rest of the room, and doesn't leave a pink tint to the lighting.
Chandelier: Bunnings Warehouse
Frames: Target

I'm always on the lookout for cute pieces to go in my room and couldn't resist this adorable china bunny. It looks so dainty and beautiful with the floral design. I keep this on a shelf with a few other items on display.
Bunny: Royal Albert
Flowers & Pot: IKEA

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