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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ever considered eyelash extensions? To me, I feel like this new beauty trend came out of nowhere. I always thought the idea of having to keep my eyes closed for a long period of time and having someone come near them with sharp tweezers was a little scary - anyone else have an eye phobia like Rachel from Friends? But after seeing some in person, as well as all over Instagram and Pinterest, I began to look into them. What convinced me was simple, who wouldn't want to wake up with naturally looking dramatic lashes that don't take minutes and coats of mascara to achieve? This means spending less time getting ready in the morning, as well as not feeling the need to wear as much makeup. Extensive eyeshadow, eyeliner and false lashes don't seem to be so important anymore as the extensions are the main focus, with their perfect curl and volume.

Here is my before and after. The first picture was taken the morning before my appointment and the second, when I got home that day. As you can see, my natural lashes without any mascara at all, look pretty bald and need all the help they can get. With the lash extensions applied, there is an immediate, noticeable difference, I feel as though they transform the whole face. These fluttery lashes make the eyes look wide awake and everything looks put together. In the after photo, I applied a dark brown eyeshadow to the lower lash line and some mascara (only on the bottom) to even out the look. (Lipstick is Mac Faux)

Before the appointment, it's important to ensure that the top and bottom lashes are clean and makeup free so that the glue can be applied evenly and uninterrupted by any residue or product. You can still wear other makeup, just be aware that it can smudge and rub off during the application, so remember to bring any touch up products.

Before - almost non existent lashes

After - beautiful, long and voluminous fluttery lashes

The application of applying the full set of individual silk lashes took one hour, but this will vary between places, based on experience and how fast they are able to apply them. After a short consultation discussing the style and length, you'll lie down and an eye pad with tape will be applied to the lower lashes to prevent any glue sticking to them. Be prepared to not move for the duration and to keep eyes closed because the tools are sharp. The extensions are glued to the natural lash and brushed through with a spoolie.

The aftercare is simple: keep eyes away from water for 48 hours to let the glue set completely and avoid touching the lashes or rubbing eyes. No mascara or false lashes should be worn to ensure the most longevity. To ensure there are no tangles and the lashes are all going in the correct direction, brush through them twice a day with a spoolie. Lastly, use only a oil-free makeup remover. I recommend Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, it is for sensitive skin, so is very gentle on the eyes. I often use a little bit on a Q tip to clean the lashes and get rid of any excess makeup, because with cotton pads, they can stick to the lashes and leave fluff on them that could cause damage when pulling out of the lashes. It is also an amazing makeup remover for all over makeup removal, that doesn't require rinsing and leaves the skin cleansed. I have been using it every day for years and prefer it over all other micellar waters I have tried.

Eyelash extensions typically last about a month, depending on how well they have been looked after. It is recommended that they be refilled every 2-3 weeks. As this was my first time trying them, I wanted to see how long they would last without refills. Currently, it has been four weeks and they are still looking really good. I don't see myself needing any touch ups. Quite a few have fallen out though, which is normal because we lose 3-5 lashes per day. The extensions falls out with the natural lash. Sometimes I will add a touch of mascara if they are looking sparse and lacking volume. 

Overall, I am very happy with them and would definitely recommend trying them if you have been thinking about it for a while. I'd definitely suggest doing some research on finding a professional and reputable salon, you wouldn't want to risk anything with your eyes. I went to Trendz Studio on the Gold Coast. They are a hair salon and I stalked their Instagram filled with happy lash customers and decided I could trust this place. They were very reasonably priced as well, with $75 for a full set. I was definite on not wanting mink lashes or even going to a place that also offered them. My individual silk lashes are very high quality and most importantly, cruelty free, so I can have #lashesonfleek without sacrificing a life.

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